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IoT Making Our Lives Easier

IoT: How Is It Making Our Lives Easier? 


Iot (Internet of Things) is basically a system of connections. It inculcates connections from a variety of machines of all aspects; computing, digital, censored devices. And then it forms an association of everything around us with one another. This connection can be of multiple types; humans to machines, or machine to machine; one that provides a productive and efficient interaction between them.  


Here are some ways how the Internet of Things is making us more advance by the minute, and our lives easier by the second:


1. Connecting Businesses and Industries:

Today, an extensive range of industries is using IoT to work and connect amongst themselves more efficiently. It benefits them by providing excellent customer services and helping them to understand the customer in a better, more channelized way.


2. Raising the value of Business and Helping in Decision-Making:

Iot also benefits the companies by helping them to grow the value of their business. It increases revenue generation by providing your clients highly customized services and giving better recommendations to them. It also enhance their decision-making skills by providing a vast range of opportunities to both newly growing businesses or the already established ones.


3. Smarter Cities:

Iot not only helps to collaborate effectively with companies and peoples throughout the world but also connects all kind of digital devices to be a part of the collaboration. Cities are made smarter with using Internet of Things; technologies such as for Pollution Monitoring, Urban Security, Energy Management, Water Distribution etcetera are incredible examples of IoT in smart cities.




4. Smarter Homes:

In this modern world, the internet is the most potent and handy source of information, communication and connection with one another and IoT is dealing with all these aspects simultaneously. It is providing:  


-Smart Medical and Healthcare

-Smart Finance and Retail

-Digital Home Appliances

-Better Transportation and Conveyance Systems

-Advanced Security and Privacy Systems

-Better Food Safety




5. Advanced Customer Care Services:

It provides the customers with better aspects like:



-ideal products,  

-new opportunities,  

-connection with smart products,  

-good user experience and  

-personalized interactions.


6. Saves Money and Time:

IoT not only makes our lives smarter, but also more straightforward.  Most importantly, it saves both, our time and our money. It gives us the access to assess information of any aspect, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.


7. Reduces Human Interference:

It helps us in performing automatic tasks that can make us smart. IoT reduces human interference, because we can control our home appliances with digital technology, from whichever area of the world. According to the Cutter Magazine, up till the end of 2020, almost 30 billion devices will be connected to IoT.


8. Microelectromechanical Systems:

IoT has not only made wireless connections, but also microelectromechanical Systems for the convenience of humans. We can now control our microwave from our office at any time, vis-à-vis our air conditioners, doorbell rings, lock system etcetera.


From its 1st project to today 2020, IoT has taken its value and place. It keeps getting better, more advanced, and efficient more so.