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Using SEO To Increase Web Traffic

How can SEO Increase Web Traffic? 


Search Engine Optimization has become one of the top priorities of digital marketers around the globe. It is a technique used in digital marketing to increase the traffic on your website. It does so by aiding the consumers or potential customers to land on your website hassle-free. SEO not only garners higher ranks on search engines, but it also generates more leads, gets higher sales, and causes more conversions. 


What are some SEO Tips?

Following are some of the tips with which you can use SEO to increase the flow of traffic on your website: 

  1. Whichever website you have, make sure that you are purchasing an SEO-friendly URL for it. 
  2. You need to understand that Google has now changed its algorithms of website-ranking, and it focuses more on quality content. So a thorough information of their SEO strategy regarding topic creation should be gathered and understood. 
  3. You must have a content posting strategy for your online presence. This will help you avoid create duplicate content, because pages that are too similar will be ranked negatively by Google. It is considered as a sneaky attempt to increase website ranking, and thus has an adverse effect. 
  4. You should use SEO based keywords which are well incorporated into the quality content produced. The optimum percentage of inserting SEO keywords in any text is 3-5%. Anything above this is considered too much. 


The Role of Keywords in SEO:

If there is a key to make SEO work, they’re actually the Keywords. They function as the red pins on a soft notice board, or the red place-markers on Google Maps, which tell you exactly where something is placed. You need to choose very accurate and very precise keywords so that you can take your customers where you want to. This is a guaranteed method to increase the traffic on you website. It is always the SEO keywords which will provide the right direction to your customer and guides him to the product he is looking for. This can be achieved by using powerful long-tail SEO keywords, and using the best keyword placement strategies in your content. 


Internal Linking: 

Basically, Google will use links to find out what is displayed on your website and whether or not it is relevant. Search Engines actually need to crawl through links when they are scanning new websites. Upon scanning, they will locate all the links and then follow all these links separately to see what they lead to, and whether or not the new pages have been scanned yet. If not, the entire process will restart for that page. This procedure makes it necessary for you to have a good internal linking strategy. You should pages on your website to other pages on your website, which have similar or even relevant content to that page. These links act as roads or highways which connect an entire city. The more strategically they’re placed, the better it will be to navigate. However, you need to be very cautious regarding not over-using internal linking. Excessive internal linking is not ideal by search engine standards. 

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