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Accelerate time to market with a competent cloud service provider. At Xeven solutions you get a dedicated team of cloud specialists to transform your business with a cloud-based app. Cloud based services consist of scalable, reliable, and virtual resources that enable you to have more control over your data, information and services. Collaborating with expert cloud service providers in the industry, you can focus on developing a cloud based app targeted to your audience. ...
Cloud computing services made easy!
Cloud computing services are generally divided into three extensive service types:

IaaS Cloud computing services
Also known as Infrastructure as a Service, it is by far the most comprehensive cloud computing service for your business. It focuses on a digital infrastructure comprising computing, storage, networking, and security tools. A few benefits of getting IaaS is that it enables customers to configure, install, and manage any software including custom applications, middleware, operating systems, development tools, and business analytics. Acquiring an Iaas cuts down the cost of creating an internal infrastructure. Hiring a dedicated team for cloud computing services is a cost-effective way to get your business on the cloud!
Best cloud computing service for start-ups!
Most small businesses and start-ups prefer Iaas simply because they do not have the financial means to invest in the type of software and hardware needed to build their internal network but still require maximum control over their hardware and software stack. This cloud computing service itself supplies the hardware and basic infrastructure while the company provides the rest of the resources. Some popular IaaS examples include Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Microsoft Azure.

Paas cloud computing services
Also known as Platform as a service, it allows programming via the internet and deployment of operating systems alleviating the need of installation or subsequent downloads. In addition to the principles used in Iaas, it also encompasses development tools, middleware, operating systems, and database management systems required to develop software applications.

The fundamental difference lies in the fact that it is accessible by a community of developers, as opposed to an individual business entity. This enables collective application building without having to worry about the output or consequences of those applications. PaaS is especially useful for businesses that build web applications and software. It is convenient for users in terms of tool accessibility and cost as there is no need for direct buying.
Saas cloud computing service
Commonly known as Software as a Service, it is a more advanced web-based software application. Users are able to use and access the cloud-based platform but the cloud solution provider controls the operating system, infrastructure, middleware, and data needed to run the program.

SaaS is a convenient option for small to medium sized businesses that need to maximize their revenue and minimize overhead costs. This cloud application doesn’t require a huge initial payment which is why new business owners prefer this option.
Common examples of SaaS include: Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Cisco
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Limited access to business, Lack of flexibility, High-cost infrastructure, Ineffective data protection and security

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Innovative Solutions

A low-cost, Cloud computing service that provides an enhanced cloud-based solution with increased flexibility, Functionality and security.

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Driven Results

Increase in service availability, High-level business development and improved staff performance

Cloud Services

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Acquiring an Iaas cuts down the cost of creating an internal infrastructure and enables customers to configure, install, and manage any software. Iaas is a great option for start-ups and small businesses.

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Uses installation-free operating systems that can be accessed collectively by a group of developers. PaaS is especially useful for businesses that build web applications and software.

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Users are able to access the cloud-based platform but the cloud solution provider controls the operating system, infrastructure, middleware, and data needed to run the program.

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Cloud Migration and Integration

Providing effortless integration and migration processes to your public cloud or private cloud optimizing your business potential.

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Cloud consulting

We focus on continuously creating implementable cloud solutions for each customer and move forward with aligned goals and well-defined models.

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Cloud security

We build secure platforms to protect sensitive data and prevent any breach in privacy. Our actions are focused on resolving issues in real time.



CLoud computing cuts the initial investment in hardware and software and setting up the on-site infrastructure.


Quick and convenient deployment of cloud-based solutions with better access and functionality.


Highly scalable and ease of deployment and delivery to any part of the world.


Increases staff productivity due to less on-site issues and central control.


High-level performance, ease of doing business, secure and regularly updated.


Data back-up, disaster recovery and continuity of business made easier.

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