Management System

A dynamic learning management system equipped with interactive tools and virtual classrooms empowering both teachers and learners to deliver a complete learning experience.

What is XevenLMS?

Xeven LMS is a comprehensive and scalable e-learning platform equipped with interactive tools that empower educators, learners and organisations to build virtual classrooms. The system is designed to deliver a complete e-learning experience.

Problems in Education

Lack of organization
Inconsistent content management
Hard to track progress
Expensive education
Long-distance learning

Do you Know?

That 88% of teachers considered e-learning to increase the educational value and experience of staff and learners?
77% of users consider e-learning platforms useful?
Over 62% of learners were forced to stop their education due to covid19?

High-Level Features of XevenLMS

Easy to use dashboards

  • Comprehensive admin, teacher and student dashboards
  • Customizable to meet organizational needs
  • Easy usability to save time and shorten the learning curve

Educator module

  • Create and develop courses
  • Add lesson plans
  • Assign teachers to courses
  • Take online attendance
  • Take online quizzes and exams
  • Quick view of results
  • Grade assignments online
  • Create class schedules

Learner module

  • Easy enrollments
  • Easy enrollments
  • Track courses
  • Monitor progress
  • Set flexible schedules

Interactive white Board

  • Dynamic whiteboard for live lessons
  • Annotating and drawing tools
  • Sharing slides and documents in real-time

Security and Privacy

  • Password-protected logins
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control


  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Compatible with different devices
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