Accelerate time to market with quicker development and continuous delivery

Accelerate Time To Market With Quicker Development And Continuous Delivery

DevOps- a collaborative workspace culture helping deliver your services quicker!

DevOps is a collaborative functional workflow that emphasizes the communication between software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals (operations). By bridging development and operations, the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes is automated and workflow efficiency is enhanced. The goal is to establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

DevOps- an integrative initiative!

Conventional organizations are often compartmentalized or set up into divisions and departments with very little cross-departmental integration between Development and IT Operations teams. The objective of DevOps is to promote a set of processes and methods to foster communication and collaboration between development, QA, and IT operations. DevOps is a highly integrative approach that helps organizations and businesses accelerate time to market and deliver services quickly as required by users.

DevOps- simplifying complex processes!

In a conventional software release process setup, the development team builds and tests code in their isolated environment and releases it to an operations team for production. When two or multiple teams work separately with little to no communication, it poses a challenge for the development team in terms of transparency and awareness of operational complexities like infrastructure, configuration, deployment, log management, and performance monitoring. This compartmentalization between development and operations can slow down the production releases. The DevOps approach makes development and operations work together seamlessly.

DevOps-Defined Delivery

By applying appropriate DevOps tools and principles, the process of development and delivery is automated and reduces the complexity of version control, configuration management, continuous integration, deployment, and continuous performance monitoring. This disciplined alignment in workflow enables organizations to deliver new releases in days rather than in months. DevOps not only improves the reliability of the application, but increases team efficiency and gives a competitive edge to the organizations.

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DevOps benefits everyone!

DevOps uses practices, methods and a technology stack which helps teams operate and evolve quickly. These practices enable our experts to work independently and accomplish tasks at a higher velocity. Some benefits of DevOps include:

Enhanced Speed

Increasing the speed of your workforce and workflow enables you to produce innovative products and services for your customers thereby achieving results faster.

Quick Delivery

A shortened response time with your customers gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. The quicker you deliver your products and fix bugs, the faster your business will grow..


DevOps ensures functional scalability. It allows you to manage complex or changing systems efficiently and with reduced risk. With DevOps, you can manage your development, testing and production in a more efficient way.


DevOps improves the end user experience by facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery. It is a reliable practice that helps you stay informed of performance in real time.



When pillar departments like Development and Operations come together, share responsibilities and combine workflow this not only saves time but also reduces inefficiencies.



A quicker workflow requires increased security. Automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques allows you to adopt a DevOps model without compromising security.

  • Configuration management 
  • Source code management 
  • Containers
  • Continuous integration
  • Automation
  • AWS
Features of DevOps

Integrated Teams

Seamless integration of individual teams to ensure the continuity of product deployment, monitoring and performance.

Continuous Delivery

Relevant DevOps tools and principles enable organizations to deliver their products in a shorter amount of time.

Automated Process

Automated processes accelerate time to market and increase the efficiency of team by streamlining complex workflows.

Streamlined Practice

Streamlined processes reduce overhead costs and less time is spent manually performing tasks leaving more time for higher-value work.

How Xeven Solutions can help

DevOps Assessment

Providing a clear view of your current situation as well as the tools and steps required for future improvement.

Identification of key challenges

A competent DevOps team can help identify key challenges, business drivers and initiatives to fill the gaps in business productivity.

Goal determination

As an agile DevOps team we establish common goals and visions that center on customer-focused outcomes.

Goal alignment

We lead by mapping a clear outline of goal alignment with our customers.

Planning and Communications

We believe in collaborating with our clients by communicating with them at each level.

Implementation of changes to improve business processes

We learn from experience. Assessment of each project is taken seriously and changes are implemented to improve the process in any way we can.

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